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101 Romantic Ideas Plus 10 Bonus e-Books

The World's Most Romantic Man. Idea 1: If your partner is going away for a few days, tell her you are worried about her so you have arranged a bodyguard to look after her. Then give her a

"The World's Most Romantic Man." Idea 1: If your partner is going away for a few days, tell her you are worried about her so you have arranged a bodyguard to look after her. Then give her a teddy bear. Use this and 100 other terrific ideas to melt your partner's heart now! SPECIAL BONUS Plus!!! as an added bonus you will also receive the following e-Books all with individual resale rights. These e-Books are being sold on eBay for ?19.99 - Take a look! They can be resold as a package or as individual books. Details: Secrets to Having Great Sex Every time e-Book - PDF Format Retails Elsewhere for $19.99 Have great sex every time! Amazing Ideas & Suggestions! Full Resell Rights! The Art of Oral Sex e-Book - Word Document Format Retails Elsewhere for $19.99 Written by a women! Things the average person wouldn't have thought of! Full Resell Rights! Sex Positions e-Book - PDF Format ~~ Educational e-Book ~~ Retails Elsewhere for $19.99 170 Pages with high quality pictures showing each position there is! Full Resell Rights! GREAT TIPS FOR DATING SUCCESS Think you?re the only one out there trying ? and failing -- to get a date? You?re not alone! And with Dr. Dating?s Great Tips for Dating Success, you won?t ever have to be alone again. Full Resell Rights! GUIDE TO ONLINE DATING Think thousands of people are finding love-matches online? You?re wrong. Every day, MILLIONS of people ? every age, background, race, creed and colour ? are using the Internet to meet their mate. What are YOU waiting for? Full Resell Rights! HOW TO MAKE SEX LAST LONGER If you?re like most men, you?re easily aroused and easily satisfied. That?s great for you, but what about your partner? Dr. Dating?s easy-to-following techniques for delaying and prolonging ejaculation, will enhance the lovemaking experience for both of you! Full Resell Rights! HOW TO GIVE ANY WOMAN ORGASMS Your body ? and a few tips from Dr. Dating ? are all you need to help your woman achieve orgasm after orgasm. This Guide is a frank and explicit look at the female orgasm and what YOU can do to make it happen?again and again. Full Resell Rights! COPING WITH A SMALL PENIS It can seem like a cold, cruel world out there, especially to a man who feels that his ?equipment? doesn?t measure up. Coping with a Small Penis is one man?s journey to personal enlightenment and sexual freedom. You?ll learn from his experience and, perhaps, find insight and wisdom about wherever you may be: Full Resell Rights!
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